Fourth International Symposium on Radio Systems and Space Plasma

30-31 October 2014, Ruse, Bulgaria

Prof. Dr. Blagovest Shishkov, BAS, Bulgaria

Keynote Lecturer:
Prof. Dr. Andon Lazarov, Burgas Free University, Bulgaria

General Information

ISRSSP - the International Symposium on Radio Systems and Space Plasma, is a leading international discussion and knowledge dissemination forum that brings together Researchers and Practitioners interested in Radio Systems and Space Plasma. In 2014, ISRSSP will be held in Ruse, Bulgaria, following previous three events in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 2007, 2010, and 2013.

The symposium is organized by the international institute IICREST in cooperation with AUTH - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and AMAKOTA Ltd.
ISRSSP 2014 is organized under the auspices of URSI.

Goals and Topics

Providing a specialized forum to researchers and practitioners interested in radio systems and space plasma, ISRSSP'14 welcomes not only foundational contributions but also more application-oriented ones. Hence, the symposium areas are organized in two tracks, namely Foundations Track and Applications Track. Particular areas of interest within each of the mentioned tracks, are: FOUNDATIONS TRACK: (i) Radio Communication Systems and Signal Processing; (ii) Satellite Space Observations; (iii) Trans-Ionospheric Propagation; (iv) Space Plasma, Waves, and Particles; (v) Solar Power Satellite (SPS) Systems. APPLICATIONS TRACK: (vi) Radio Communication and Space Applications; (vii) SPS and Power Transmission. Hence, we welcome paper submissions from but not limited to the following areas and topics:

Information Theory, Coding, Modulation, and Detection
Signal Processing (in the area of Mathematical Synthesis and Analysis Optimal Processing Algorithms)
Signal Processing and Neural Networks
Signal Processing and Optical Communications
Spectrum and Medium Utilization, including Cognitive and Cooperative Techniques
Spread Spectrum Technology
Circuits and Systems
Wireless Networking
Radar, Radio-Localization and Navigation Systems
Green Communications

Advanced Broadcasting Observation Satellite Systems, Services and Technologies
Space-Based Global Observing Systems (GOS)
Satellite-Aided Localization Systems
Advances in Understanding Atmospheric Processes using Satellite Data
Satellite-Based Earth Observations
Satellite-Based Observations of the Oceans

Antennas and Propagation
Ionospheric and Trans-Ionospheric Radio: Systems and Techniques
Modeling and Measurement of Trans-Ionospheric Radar Systems
Synthetic Aperture Radars (SAR) & Trans-Ionospheric Radio Propagation

Space Plasma Physics
Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma
Non-Linear Wave and Wave Particle Interaction
Plasma Turbulence and Chaos
Spacecraft-Plasma Interaction
Space Plasma Simulation

Solar Power Satellite Systems and Power Applications in Space Wireless Power Transmission
Microwave Power Transmission Systems and Applications
Antenna Theory and Development including Phased Array for Beam Forming
Beam Forming Theory and Algorithms
Retro-Directive Target Detecting and Direction-of-Arrival (DOA) Techniques
High Power or High Efficiency Microwave Generator or Amplifier Circuits and Systems
Semiconductor Developments for Microwave Power Transmission
Wave Propagation from Space to Ground including Ionospheric Plasma Theory and Observation
EMC, EMI, and Safety Issues of Microwaves and Radio Waves
New Systems and Applications of Wireless Power Transmission and Power in Space

Other Information

ISRSSP 2014 invites papers describing original contributions related to the topics listed above. Submitted papers should be in English. The papers should be prepared and submitted according to the instructions.

Key dates
Regular Paper submission deadline: 12 September 2015
Position Paper submission deadline: 18 September 2015
Notification of acceptance: 22 September 2015
Final paper submission: 3 October 2015.

Types of contributions
Regular Papers - presenting research that is completed or almost finished
Position Papers - presenting an arguable opinion about and issue
Invited Papers - submitted by best paper authors and ISRSSP former/future Keynotes

Paper formats
Full Papers - 10-page limit in the symposium proceedings (oral presentation)
Short Papers - 6-page limit in the symposium proceedings (oral presentation)
Posters - 4 page limit in the symposium proceedings (poster presentation)

How to submit a paper (7 steps)
1. View the technical scope
2. Prepare a contribution of no less than 3 and no more than 8 pages
3. Decide whether you are submitting your contribution as a Regular Paper or as a Position Paper
4. Do paper formatting, using the provided templates (
5. Remove your names and the names of your co-authors (and also your affiliations) from the title and references sections
6. Save the file as PDF
7. e-Mail the file to: by 12 September 2015, putting in the Subject: "ISRSSP 2014, Regular/Position Paper".

Accepted papers will be presented at ISRSSP 2014 and included in the symposium proceedings. The authors of selected best papers will be invited to submit revised and extended versions of their papers in a special issue of the international journal Annals of Telecommunications.

Symposium Format

The symposium will be a two-day event with a Panel Discussion, a Keynote Lecture, and oral/poster presentations.    


Address: IICREST c/o B. Shishkov (ISRSSP 2014 Event); P.O. Box 104; 1618 Sofia; Bulgaria
e-Mails: Conference ChairSecretariat