Interdisciplinary Research Initiatives / Projects
IICREST has contributed to a number of projects / project-related activities, such as: Li-La (Library of Labs), EU-SOLE (Employees' Upskilling through Service-Oriented Learning Environments), and SACOS (Secure ad-hoc Communication System).
Some other minor activities concern Affective Computing, Cloud Computing, Traffic Management, and Tele-Dermatology.

Further, IICREST has supported several knowledge transfer initiatives (supposed to benefit the developments in Bulgaria) that have not yet given results however:
- Geneva-Sofia exchange (municipality level);
- Rotterdam-Burgas exchange (municipality level);
- Thessaloniki-Sofia exchange (enterprise level).

Finally, we are currently looking for partners to advance research in: ENTERPRISE SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGY FOR AREA AND BORDER SECURITY, and among the topics of interest are:
- Enterprise Models concerning Border Security
- Situation-aware Border Security Control
- Rules and Regulations at the Border
- Privacy Aspects of Border Security

For more information on those issues, contact the Chairman of IICREST, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Boris Shishkov (b.b.shishkov [at]